Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kinda Depressing

For most of us most of the time sports fandom is a world of entertainment if not happiness and occasionally joy.
So what do we feel this late April evening? What captivates us in the world of sports here in the great Puget Sound?

Welll, half the world seem enthralled if not aroused by the NFL draft. C'mon, are you serious? The NFL draft as a sporting event?

This IS baseball season, the best game there is. Yeah, I know.
Ya know the one about the guy who can't hit his weight? Well the Mariners currently have SIX players (Andino, Bay, Ibanez, Montero, Morse and Ryan)
who literally are not hitting their weight. Want to REALLY get depressed? Those six players make up 40% of the Mariners at-bats through 23 games.
Actually we should be happy the M's have so many heavy weights on the team.
With a team batting average of .228 it is socking only six are not hitting their weight.

I know, it's early.   

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Aroon said...

I am sports lover and liked your blog . God bless